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[H]ard|OCP is a well known computer hardware website. The DC team is one of the biggest in the world in various projects and our goal is to contribute our resources to help science.

Web sitehttp://www.hard-DC.com
Total credit253,546,889
Average credit2,304,802
Members (with AND without Credit)17
Create time30 Dec 2008, 21:04:46

Pos.User NameTotal creditAverage creditCountry 
1 Coleslaw     113,331,306448,853.46United States
2 pututu     92,209,8121,855,948.43United States
3 RFGuy_KCCO     26,468,6790.00United States
4 motqalden     7,292,1620.00Canada
5 DooKey     1,057,7240.00International
6 Charlie Hartono ChatGPT     713,6050.00International
7 Sand_Dune     172,2830.00International
8 skylaar     168,1730.00United States
9 runs2far     86,6920.00International
10 CaptainUnlikely     48,7390.00United Kingdom
11 wareyore     30,4990.00United States
12 tr0ach     25,1080.00United States
13 Adam     14,6740.00International
14 SilencedAphid     9,0330.00United States
15 Razor_FX_II     2,6830.00United States
16 [H]atp1916     2,2510.00International
17 alan2308     120.00United States