Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
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We are an International Team, 3rd in World ranking. Join us and give us a hand in becoming No:1. Whilst you are at it, why not join our Forum at http://www.setiusa.us,yuo will be most welcome.

Web sitehttp://www.setiusa.us
Total credit798,733,126
Average credit862,800
Members (with AND without Credit)91
FounderTeam SETI.USA
Create time10 Feb 2007, 19:16:40

Pos.User NameTotal creditAverage creditCountry 
1 Sphynx     250,243,2430.00United States
2 Mumps [MM]     191,334,79212,960.00United States
3 Bryan     101,936,6160.00United States
4 zombie67 [MM]     94,612,9640.00United States
5 Ron Shurtz [BlackOps]     47,874,0440.00United States
6 cineon_lut [BlackOps]     43,702,1620.00United States
7 FourOh     36,420,635849,840.00International
8 Dave GPU     33,751,2600.00United States
9 SETI.USA Hydra     31,039,7220.00International
10 somanyroads     18,729,1910.00United States
11 rlacroix     5,232,9470.00United States
12 MindCrime     4,104,6840.00United States
13 shiva     2,555,1580.00United States
14 conf [MM]     2,500,6590.00Austria
15 artemis8     2,077,0470.00United States
16 M.SUSA.G.A     1,437,7830.00United States
17 Kevint     1,221,4050.00United States
18 Maxwell [MM]     1,076,2920.00United States
19 purplecfh     1,058,6070.00United States
20 Haunted Forest[BlackOps]     1,039,4240.00United States