Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Team Members
Department of Computer Sciences of Kursk State Technical University

Web sitehttp://www.kurskstu.ru/structura/up/fivt/kvt/index.php
Total credit190,307,123
Average credit254,500
Members (with AND without Credit)43
Create time09 Jun 2010, 13:05:42

Pos.User NameTotal creditAverage creditCountry 
1 evatutin     193,787,363247,166.12Russia
2 dmitry     1,586,4536,471.98International
3 Natwork     1,210,4080.00Russia
4 zoltan blatter     480,706861.64Switzerland
5 alex46     235,6080.00Russia
6 litd     83,5720.00Russia
7 ward3n     53,6430.00Russia
8 DanilDoroshenko     32,5460.00Russia
9 DEXP     29,8750.00Russia
10 User     27,0100.00International
11 Rocket_Raccoon     26,5420.00Russia
12 PinkiePie     22,2320.00Russia
13 Myjchina     19,6870.00Russia
14 hot_andy     17,3170.00Russia
15 Mashina     15,2220.00Russia
16 admin     12,3190.00International
17 MrD     11,9690.00International
18 RedLikeRoses     11,0920.00Russia
19 BBSiker     10,0150.00Russia
20 dimap     9,0060.00Russia