Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Name: ArchersComet
Country: China
Team: Team China
Total credit: 41,828
Average credit: 171

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Project member since:  16 Mar 2022
URL:  none

Hello there, this is ArchersComet from Yixing, China. I study languages, linguistics and logic (specializing in generative syntax and formal semantics), pursuing an MA and hopefully also a PhD degree at Nanjing University. I speak Chinese and English, and understand a bit French, Greek, and Sanskrit. As hobbies I read amateur astronomy, scifi, space and military news. I got to know SETI in 2013 thanks to Carl Sagan's "Contact", and crunched for SETI before it went offline. Now I'm crunching for multiple projects, including some astronomy- and COVID-related ones.

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