Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Team China
Welcome all from China mainland,TaiWan,HongKong,Macau. Welcome all Chinese all over the world.

Web sitehttp://www.equn.com
Total credit2,471,635
Average credit2,390
Members (with AND without Credit)39
Create time28 Apr 2007 11:42:32

Pos.User NameTotal creditAverage creditCountry 
1 leawind     422,8530.00China
2 gbcat     349,696807.99International
3 Vincent Dark     344,7110.00Japan
4 james ying     312,2300.00China
5 XiaoHongFX     283,692951.67China
6 zhouyunbo     219,0740.00China
7 zzfwind2007     207,2920.00China
8 chinazrw     132,8140.00China
9 topdo     56,8630.00China
10 Administrator     49,9880.00International
11 xyc     29,8420.00China
12 xuemaoii     22,3540.00China
13 yuntao.chen     21,9625.38International
14 Grotex     11,6100.00China
15 DuanJiaming     11,4740.00China
16 Yuezhou Lyu     10,8790.00United States
17 luxinliang     6,311249.77China
18 Li Yishuai     4,7990.00China
19 Jack     4,0570.00International
20 merlinl     3,6860.00China