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AMD Users

The AMD Users team is a team for users of AMD processors. This doesn't mean that you have to have all AMD machines, but ethically you should have at least one. Of course you can still join us, because in the end all this is for a good cause.

Web sitehttp://www.amdusers.com
Total credit20,758,161
Average credit0
Members (with AND without Credit)32
FounderDirk Broer
Create time16 Feb 2007, 16:02:38

Pos.User NameTotal creditAverage creditCountry 
1 vaughan     15,294,8130.00Australia
2 lazykiller     1,620,5500.00Australia
3 catre321     625,2570.00Vietnam
4 albatross795     556,7590.00Japan
5 NeoGen     532,0820.00Portugal
6 Dirk Broer     504,9470.00British Virgin Islands
7 Euphoriabuzz     282,9660.00United Kingdom
8 Nflight     264,2440.00United States
9 kle     209,9200.00International
10 defrik666     185,1000.00Russia
11 nikolay     153,0760.00Russia
12 sentient_life     111,3540.00United States
13 B Johansson     104,5800.00Sweden
14 AMDave     100,0580.00Australia
15 Dan A. Lukens     63,6070.00International
16 mlaferriere     58,1580.00United States
17 Liuqyn     51,8680.00United States
18 Murilo     39,1520.00International
19 Yansh     38,3090.00International
20 Maximilian     23,6120.00United Kingdom