Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Name: Rockinfroggi
Country: United Kingdom
Team: UK BOINC Team
Total credit: 81,371
Average credit: 0

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Project member since:  24 Apr 2007
URL:  https://www.ukboincteam.org.uk/uk-boinc-team.html

Hi there, 49 year old male from the UK here, I am currently back fighting the Big C so have had plenty of time of late sitting in-front of my PCs which is how I stumbled across the boinc projects. I was lucky enough to join the best UK team out there, so if you have not yet found your team just click on the links below. Hobbies are limited to reading, music and of course PCs, due to the fact I am pretty much house bound for the time being. [img]http://www.ukboincteam.org.uk/UKBOINCTeam-400.jpg[/img] Join the UK BOINC Team: [url]http://www.ukboincteam.org.uk/uk-boinc-team.html[/url] Visit the UK BOINC Team forum: [url]http://www.ukboincteam.org.uk/uk-boinc-team-forum.html[/url][img]http://www.boincstats.com/signature/user_bam17202.gif[/img]

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