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Name: Reelman
Country: United States
Team: Collectors of Old Fishing Tackle
Total credit: 92
Average credit: 0

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Project member since:  15 Apr 2007
URL:  https://www.reelman.net

Age 45, I am Family man disabled due to a accident at work. I am Addicted to collecting old fishing tackle. And when I am out I need a wheelchair. So I can not run around and chase old tackle like I would like to for my collection. So its not the best collection around but I love it and I love the chase and have great memories of the people I buy or trade with and just about every piece in my collection. If you have any tackle for trade or sell or just need a question answered let me know. I will try my best to be of service. My Web page is www.reelman.net and my email is reelman@ptd.net I have some thing to admit I am a fishing tackle junkie. I have a reel a day habit or more when I can get them. Please send me all your old junk reels.

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