Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Total credit100,456,186
Average credit70
Members (with AND without Credit)17
Create time06 Jul 2007 15:14:44

Pos.User NameTotal creditAverage creditCountry 
1 vanos0512     100,081,4660.00Taiwan
2 gychieh     267,4450.00United States
3 Ming-Yang Cheng     138,7000.00International
4 alexpon     53,0560.00Taiwan
5 Bob Chen     45,15844.34Taiwan
6 kjyu     9,8392.00Taiwan
7 Alberthuang     5,45523.18Taiwan
8 reini     1,2220.00International
9 samt     9190.00Taiwan
10 fantasyworld     4080.00Taiwan
11 fuicjxi     2200.00Taiwan
12 nick_tsai810     2040.00International
13 TaiwanNation     1250.00Taiwan
14 TomHsu     820.00International
15 df910105     300.00Taiwan
16 Administrator     90.00International