Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Name: Clo
Country: Italy
Team: BOINC.Italy
Total credit: 209,759
Average credit: 0

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Project member since:  17 May 2016
URL:  none

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Projects in which Clo is participating

ProjectTotal CreditAverage creditSince
Collatz Conjecture1,181,222020 Feb 2014
PrimeGrid1,041,95411717 Feb 2014
Citizen Science Grid1,000,68314809 Sep 2015
Asteroids@home937,8003026 Sep 2013
climateprediction.net773,55913326 Sep 2013
Einstein@Home576,9449126 Sep 2013
theSkyNet POGS486,6873531 Jan 2014
LHC@home410,8489227 Sep 2013
World Community Grid366,9362,84426 Sep 2013
MilkyWay@home294,76210627 Sep 2013
yoyo@home287,89336509 Sep 2015
Rosetta@home263,850130 Sep 2013
NFS@Home248,158117 May 2016
SETI@home247,88319427 Sep 2013
Universe@Home239,006017 Sep 2015
Moo! Wrapper220,696017 Sep 2015
Cosmology@Home213,09112325 Jun 2014
Gerasim@Home209,759017 May 2016
NumberFields@home186,241207 Dec 2016
MindModeling@Home154,03051901 Feb 2014
ATLAS@Home100,270012 Sep 2015
Leiden Classical82,8803707 Dec 2016
Enigma@Home50,4083631 Jan 2014
Grid computing center39,990020 Mar 2017
DENIS@Home25,181027 Sep 2015
WUProp@Home18,2908320 Mar 2017
CAS@home2,989002 Dec 2016
SZTAKI Desktop Grid2,968020 Feb 2014
Find@Home623017 May 2016

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