Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
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Name: Michael Tillman
Country: United States
Team: The Knights Who Say Ni!
Total credit: 3,442
Average credit: 0

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Project member since:  18 Aug 2015
URL:  http://avemt1.4t.com

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Projects in which Michael Tillman is participating

ProjectTotal CreditAverage creditSince
Bitcoin Utopia11,755,791021 Nov 2013
PrimeGrid4,769,812030 Jan 2010
Collatz Conjecture3,454,874018 Aug 2015
POEM@HOME1,710,591030 Jan 2010
Moo! Wrapper1,065,464018 Aug 2015
Einstein@Home744,358030 Jan 2010
Asteroids@home412,080014 Nov 2013
Enigma@Home361,969030 Jan 2010
SETI@home361,781030 Jan 2010
climateprediction.net269,209030 Jan 2010
MilkyWay@home181,086030 Jan 2010
yoyo@home177,167019 Sep 2014
theSkyNet POGS153,698023 Mar 2014
Cosmology@Home127,863030 Jan 2010
World Community Grid101,998030 Jan 2010
NumberFields@home87,488018 Aug 2015
Rosetta@home76,486030 Jan 2010
Universe@Home75,404018 Aug 2015
malariacontrol.net68,740030 Jan 2010
Leiden Classical55,083030 Jan 2010
SZTAKI Desktop Grid53,694030 Jan 2010
LHC@home39,971030 Jan 2010
NFS@Home38,960018 Aug 2015
Lattice Project28,114030 Jan 2010
Citizen Science Grid24,667218 Aug 2015
SAT@home19,200018 Aug 2015
Distributed Data Mining10,399018 Aug 2015
123numbers9,819018 Aug 2015
ATLAS@Home6,215018 Aug 2015
MindModeling@Home3,979018 Aug 2015
Gerasim@Home3,441018 Aug 2015
DENIS@Home1,760018 Aug 2015
RNA World733018 Aug 2015

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