Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Name: el_teniente
Country: Russia
Team: Russia
Total credit: 2,522,002
Average credit: 2,077

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Project member since:  04 Jul 2015
URL:  http://www.vfalcone.ru

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Projects in which el_teniente is participating

ProjectTotal CreditAverage creditSince
Collatz Conjecture3,028,589,2897,580,35609 Sep 2015
PrimeGrid62,122,96577,66211 Feb 2016
Einstein@Home46,641,59559,01705 Apr 2009
XANSONS for COD39,593,8307,80909 Jul 2017
Amicable Numbers37,886,184389,03713 Jul 2017
MilkyWay@home15,666,0957,53707 Apr 2009
Moo! Wrapper8,452,757028 Jan 2016
Asteroids@home3,215,0404,35514 May 2015
Gerasim@Home2,520,981004 Jul 2015
GoofyxGrid@Home2,372,0602,93602 Oct 2016
SETI@home2,013,6656,64305 Nov 2016
SRBase1,858,0171,02809 Nov 2015
NumberFields@home1,574,7083,14923 Nov 2015
LHC@home1,527,3471,24512 Apr 2009
Universe@Home1,373,3792,90220 May 2015
SAT@home1,231,050023 Jun 2015
theSkyNet POGS1,121,3642,02610 Aug 2015
NFS@Home945,5481,43917 Nov 2015
Cosmology@Home698,25233323 May 2009
ATLAS@Home448,226015 Sep 2015
World Community Grid347,75843119 Feb 2016
WUProp@Home221,32751302 Sep 2016
Acoustics@home194,9875,47217 Sep 2017
Albert@Home115,765016 Oct 2016

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