Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Name: petrusbroder
Country: Sweden
Team: TeAm AnandTech
Total credit: 43,835
Average credit: 0

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Project member since:  16 Apr 2014
URL:  http://peter@valverius.com

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Projects in which petrusbroder is participating

ProjectTotal CreditAverage creditSince
PrimeGrid323,396,443008 Oct 2005
MilkyWay@home317,423,036241,65129 Jul 2008
Collatz Conjecture203,847,897015 May 2010
GPUGRID202,803,516027 Jul 2010
SETI@home45,463,40172502 Dec 2001
Einstein@Home27,826,909020 Feb 2005
World Community Grid17,844,5685,80302 Oct 2006
Moo! Wrapper10,304,98621205 Feb 2014
Asteroids@home9,079,56028,88204 Feb 2013
Citizen Science Grid8,029,545200,95002 Jun 2016
Universe@Home5,413,505030 May 2015
climateprediction.net3,860,30751130 Apr 2005
yoyo@home2,239,949004 Apr 2008
TN-Grid2,189,80621009 Feb 2017
theSkyNet POGS2,154,686012 Aug 2012
Rosetta@home2,111,7631623 Sep 2005
NFS@Home2,074,280002 Apr 2010
YAFU2,057,403020 Oct 2014
LHC@home2,043,26776416 Jul 2005
Leiden Classical2,001,421016 Feb 2006
RNA World642,753006 Feb 2010
IBERCIVIS360,117031 Jan 2009
Find@Home357,749024 Jul 2012
Cosmology@Home284,958129 Jul 2007
Enigma@Home202,622012 Dec 2007
Gerasim@Home43,835016 Apr 2014
Quake Catcher Network28,784017 Apr 2009
Volpex@UH10,117001 Mar 2015

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