Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Name: Alexander
Country: Russia
Team: none
Total credit: 100,880
Average credit: 173

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Project member since:  29 Apr 2012
URL:  none

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Projects in which Alexander is participating

ProjectTotal CreditAverage creditSince
GPUGRID69,906,377003 Feb 2012
Citizen Science Grid1,435,4434,15101 May 2012
Distributed Data Mining804,26689303 May 2012
Rosetta@home605,87973603 Feb 2012
World Community Grid536,83557103 Feb 2012
climateprediction.net532,35339526 Apr 2012
theSkyNet POGS512,37570014 Jan 2013
yoyo@home412,363026 Apr 2012
Albert@Home409,0002,20921 Aug 2017
Cosmology@Home399,33340411 Oct 2015
MilkyWay@home283,4041,62418 Aug 2017
Asteroids@home239,0401,87518 Aug 2017
Leiden Classical177,09726818 Aug 2012
LHC@home145,22821026 Apr 2012
TN-Grid143,87717708 Feb 2017
Gerasim@Home100,712029 Apr 2012
CAS@home96,004003 Feb 2012
DENIS@Home90,085011 Oct 2015
Einstein@Home88,18854218 Aug 2017
IBERCIVIS83,517021 Apr 2012
VGTU@Home82,58727103 Feb 2012
MindModeling@Home74,80922917 Aug 2012
XANSONS for COD72,928018 Aug 2017
WUProp@Home59,6545402 May 2012
Acoustics@home59,068018 Jul 2017
SAT@home58,645021 Apr 2012
RNA World26,463003 May 2012
BURP17,281029 Apr 2012
Climate@Home v24,0002318 Jul 2017

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