Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Name: Cesium_133*
Country: Canada
Team: BOINC.Italy
Total credit: 140,913
Average credit: 0

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Project member since:  02 Dec 2017
URL:  none

Born 17 March 1973 Charlotte, NC, USA, age 49 years. Reside there after having lived at various times in Triangle, NC; Matthews, NC; and Butner, NC. I'm 1/4 Hungarian, 1/16 or so Cherokee Indian, some German, and definitely English/Irish/Scottish. I can be a constipated limey, a neat-freak/detail-obsessed Kraut, a war-loving bohunk (UFC rocks!) or a loud mick with the best of them (note my b'day) :) And lest you think I have any political correctness in me at all, my favorite sports teams are the Washington Redskins and Atlanta Braves (and UNC Tarheels). I also like the Kansas City Chiefs to a degree. I travel, play hearts and spades, read, watch the news on TV and read it online, love sports, and collect stamps and coins. I sell women's and children's finer fashions on eBay under the username thetrendywoman. Mention you saw me here and get 1/2 off shipping to the USA, 1/4 elsewhere :)

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