Российские распределенные вычисления на платформе BOINC
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

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Name: HK-Steve
Country: Switzerland
Team: Crunching@EVGA
Total credit: 1,948,870
Average credit: 42,418

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Project member since:  19 Jul 2017
URL:  none

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Projects in which HK-Steve is participating

ProjectTotal CreditAverage creditSince
PrimeGrid109,737,562517,92707 Jun 2015
Moo! Wrapper106,338,673967,40820 Apr 2017
GPUGRID53,066,8501,038,18018 Sep 2017
Einstein@Home48,177,426501,05409 May 2017
Enigma@Home25,286,369022 Apr 2014
MilkyWay@home4,721,0722,52323 Aug 2017
World Community Grid4,104,65916803 Jul 2015
YAFU3,321,5727,29410 Jul 2017
theSkyNet POGS3,237,30463,62303 Dec 2016
SETI@home3,047,786112 Jul 2015
Universe@Home2,750,3333,99512 Feb 2017
yoyo@home2,742,73530,81121 Jul 2017
TN-Grid2,215,835010 Dec 2016
SRBase2,187,42040,81104 Jun 2017
NumberFields@home2,118,3232323 Jun 2017
NFS@Home2,081,1121,02127 Jul 2017
Gerasim@Home1,948,600019 Jul 2017
VGTU@Home1,258,8782,45626 Jun 2017
Asteroids@home774,720913 Jul 2017
Rosetta@home498,310024 May 2017
BURP344,5877101 Jul 2017
SZTAKI Desktop Grid53,11823126 Jun 2017
Leiden Classical34,39411423 May 2017
Cosmology@Home33,265006 Jul 2017
LHC@home19025 Mar 2017

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